Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The privacy policy is one of the most important policies for a service business to survive and develop its business online. 

Wikihomeer is a service-providing business, so we always appreciate and focus on improving our privacy policy. This is an important factor contributing to our strong growth. The following are some of our privacy policies for our customers.

1. Information privacy policy

2. Information we collect

Along with the privacy policy, providing customers with exactly what we collect from customers is also one of the factors for our development. 

When you use our service, you do not need to register for an account. Therefore we will not store your personal information to provide to third parties. Or it will become a good prey for hackers.

We commit that we rely on each customer's IP address when visiting to collect information. We will store customer information such as purchase history product search history. All data that we collect will be kept and protected by us as well as using it legally to give customers the best service experience.

3. How do we use your information?

We hope that the way we make it public with our customers, we will use our customers' personal information. This will help customers better understand and trust our team.

We only collect customer information based on IP address. So we will use them to send customers reasonable purchase recommendations. Help customers save time and effort searching. At the same time, we will also give relevant shopping suggestions for customers to use the product more effectively.

4. Chatbot feature

When accessing the website, you will see our chatbot area displayed. This is one of our important communication channels with customers.

At this chatbot, customers can make support requests, provide personal information of customers, etc. In any case, we are fully responsible for the information that each customer provides.

Our team is always ready to assist our customers. At the same time, always strive to increase the security on the website as well as the chatbot.

5. Cookies, web beacons, and third-party cookies

Any website has Cookies. This is an important section on every web page for information and data collection purposes. Also, Cookies help us manage and maintain the service.

Thanks to Cookies we know how our customers use our services. From there, we synthesize and offer policies to improve the quality of our services. All information and data obtained are committed to confidentiality.

On Wikihomeer , there will be links to partners and third parties. We always strive to work with trusted partners and have a strict privacy policy. However, you should also double-check before providing your personal information!

6. Links

We are Amazon’s affiliate marketing partners. So the customer search results show results with a link to Amazon. They are safe.

In addition, Wikihomeer contains links that appear under Google's advertising properties. Remember to double-check the link before providing information!

7. Policy towards children

We always respect and protect children online. All activities of children under the age of 13 on our website will be prevented.

The collection of personal information from children under the age of 13 is an international treaty violation. Therefore, we do not collect information from children at all.

8. Information security

This website is committed to absolute confidentiality of customer information. At the same time, strictly comply with regulations on consumer protection because this is an extremely important factor for customers to trust and use our services.

Our team is always working to prevent and destroy activities related to the collection of data users' IPs. To protect your personal information online, you should be careful about providing your personal information to websites.

9. Execution

With the commitments that we have published on the website. We always strive to implement and ensure strict compliance.

If there is any dispute or claim between the customer and us. It will be handled by a competent legal authority.

10. Cookie DoubleClick DART

All websites in cyberspace are subject to google's DART cookie policy, and so are we. This is the policy of serving ads related to keywords customers search on many different websites.

In case you find this ad serving policy bothering you. Please visit and opt out of advertising.

11. Our Advertising Partner

Our partners are carefully selected. So they are very safe and friendly. They will jointly use cookies and web beacons on Wikihomeer . 

Of course, your information obtained from cookies will also be kept confidential in accordance with the privacy policy of the third party.

12. Amazon Affiliate Program

We operate under the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program along with many other websites. When customer search results show links from Amazon, these are safe links that you can use. For every order you receive from our affiliate link with Amazon, we receive a small commission.

With the results being links that are not from Amazon, please check carefully before providing information!

13. Changes to this privacy policy

We will make changes to our policies from time to time. We will notify customers of significant changes. Changes related to information security or sales policy.

The changes are small and not too important. We will actively update the policy sections. As such, not all changes will be communicated to our customers. To get the latest policy updates, contact our team!